Fancy Indoor Painting Touches – How To Get Them


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When you start painting your partner may want something fancy done on the walls.  These could include:

?  Faux finishes – such as patina effects

?  Murals

?  Sponge painting

?  Washes

?  Glazes

?  Stenciling

?  Stamping

These are only a few of the decorative touches that look great and make a big difference in   interior painting projects.  Naturally, these extra touches cost more.  Unlike regular painting tasks this requires a bit of artistic skill.  But not spo much as to make it impossible.  Virtually anyone can learn to do these these finishes and with the exception of murals, you should be able to learn how to paint fancy interior painting that so many household designs require.

Even if you cannot paint a mural,someone will offer this service. Look in the local directory for a contractor that provides this service.  You can find a local artist or contractor and pay them to do the job.   The local artist will be happy to earn money for the job and you will get a great unique wall for your home.

Before you hire a local artist, however, you want to be able to see their work.  You can find artists in various places and even advertise for them.  Art schools and ads can help you find who you are looking for.  Be sure that you find someone who is reliable and can do the job.

The one problem that you will encounter when you are offering fancy touches with your interior painting is that many partners (read spouses, girlfriends, etc.) have an idea of what they want but cannot express it.  Some see something that they like somewhere else but do not end up liking it when they see it on their own walls.

One good way to alleviate this problem is to use boards as samples.  Have each sample of the finish that you offer painted on a board for each room.  This can give your partner a good idea not only of the look and feel of the paint, and  what they can expect color-wise.  If tyour partner or you want a certain color, which you will, you can practice on a piece of board and find out what it will look like before you commence painting the walls.

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