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employment support services for jobseekers.

If you have lost your job or are looking for employment there is assistance you can access.

Below are Federal, State Government and community services where you may be able to find help.


1800 035 749

Federal Government employment services

Job Network The Australian Government funds the Job Network which comprises private and community organisations across Queensland to provide job search and job placement assistance. For further information call 13 62 68 or visit www.workplace.gov.au/workplace/Programmes/JobNetwork/

Early access to Employment Services
The two-year early access program covers all workers made redundant between 24 February 2009 and 31 March 2011. Assistance commenced from 1 April 2009. Redundant workers are eligible for assistance irrespective of their assets and income. For specific information regarding the program visit www.deewr.gov.au/Employment/JobsandTraining/Pages/Earlyaccesstoemploymentservices.aspx
To register for early access to Employment Services please phone Centrelink on 13 28 50 (8am – 5pm Monday to Friday) and advise the operator you are a redundant worker seeking access to Employment Services.

Financial Assistance and income support
If you lose your job, financial assistance may be available to you through Centrelink. To enquire call 13 2850.  Centrelink also offers a free Financial Information Service (FIS) to help you make more informed decisions about your finances and options for Centrelink assistance. You don’t need to be a Centrelink customer to speak to a FIS Officer. To make an appointment call 13 2300. For further information visit www.centrelink.gov.au

Assistance to claim redundancy entitlements
GEERS (General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme) is an Australian Government assistance program for employees who lose their employment because their employer becomes bankrupt or insolvent and they are owed entitlements. For further information call 1300 135 040 or visit www.workplace.gov.au/workplace/Programmes/EmployeeEntitlements/GEERSV2/

State Government employment services

Support for apprentices, trainees and their employers
Apprentices, trainees and their employers will be able to get support to enable them to continue with their employment and training. For further information call 1800 210 210 or visit www.apprenticeshipsinfo.qld.gov.au

Training and career information service
Skilling Solutions Queensland will expand its training and career information services by providing individual advice to displaced workers and the unemployed. For further information call 1300 654 687 or visit www.skillingsolutions.qld.gov.au

Free training and employment assistance
The Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative provides job related assistance and skills training to the most disadvantaged in the labour force. The Queensland Government initiative funds community-based organisations to help local people in local areas. To find out more about Skilling Queenslanders for Work call 1300 369 925 or visit www.employment.qld.gov.au

Redundancy and the law
There is state and federal legislation in place which determines eligibility for redundancy and other payments in the event of termination of an employee. For further information call 1300 369 945 or visit www.wageline.qld.gov.au

Advice and information on unfair dismissal or work practices
If you lose your job and you believe you have been unfairly dismissed or underpaid and are seeking advice or assistance, call the Queensland Workplace Rights Office on 1300 737 841
or visit www.workplacerights.qld.gov.au

Other useful information

Updating child support details
Separated parents who have income or care arrangement changes should contact the Child Support Agency (CSA) to ensure they are paying the correct amount of child support. Prompt advice is recommended as child support payments may not be able to be backdated. For more information call 131 272 or to find a CSA office location visit www.csa.gov.au

Lifeline offers a 24-hour confidential telephone counselling service on 13 11 14.

Employment websites
Australian Government                         jobsearch.gov.au
Queensland Government                       jobs.qld.gov.au
Seek                                                                seek.com.au
Mycareer                                                      mycareer.com.au

Information provided by the Queensland Government as at 3/6/09

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