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A wedding cake is the centerpiece of your event and the end of a wonderful day. It is a major part of your wedding decorations and can be tailored to create any theme you like. The right cake can help create a magic wedding memory.

Here are four easy steps to help select your wedding cake.

Step 1: Choosing the dream cake to enhance your reception

As the focal point of your reception, your cake should help create the mood of your wedding and reflect your reception dream. With the vast number of cake decorators and styles of cake you can get anything you want made. Have a look in magazines and choose a cake with a style, shape, color and adornments you like. Browse the internet and collect photographs of cakes that inspire you. Make a list of cake flavors you like and don’t like. Take into consider any allergies of top tier guests – they may need to have a special cupcake made for them.

Make sure it will last –The cake and frosting style will last in your climate – or the climate of your wedding location if you are having it out of town. Certain types of frosting will hold up better in extreme climates. If you are having a summer reception outdoors, go for fondant icing over butter cream. While butter cream is delicious and creates a fabulous background for the cake decorations, it doesn’t keep well in heat or humidity. If you are having a beach wedding it may be necessary to have the cake kept indoors and air-conditioned.

Have a look at some cake designs at They have designed cakes for celebrities and have an excellent reputation.

Step 2: Stick to your budget

Wedding cake prices are calculated by the slice and are the complexity of the design of the finished cake. There are relatively inexpensive cakes for $2 per slice, moving up to exotic and specialty cakes costing $15 per slice. As a result, there are couple ways to keep your cake within budget.

The first way is to choose a simple design with minimal adornments. Fresh fruit and flowers are the cheapest, while handmade gum paste or sugar paste decorations are more expensive.

Most wedding cakes featured in magazines use fondant icing, which creates that sought-after smooth look. Fondant icing is more expensive than butter cream, so ask your cake designer to create a similar look using butter cream icing. Many brides can opt for a smaller, intricately designed cake to showcase at their wedding, while the site holds simple sheet cakes in the kitchen to serve to guests. This can be dollar saving if you are having a large wedding reception.

When determining the cost of your cake, don’t forget about the delivery of the cake to the reception venue. Some venues also charge a cake cutting fee of about $1.50-$3 per slice, which can significantly add to the cost of your cake. The venue may have a baker that can make a beautiful wedding cake for you and reduce the overall costs.

Have you started a budget – it’s a good idea to get the planning and budget done first. The budget will give you guidance for the venue location, DJ, cakes and flowers, etc. Have a look on line for some of the famous Beverly Hills and Hollywood cake makers.

Step 3: Source the Cake

As mentioned above the venue may have a baker that will create your dream wedding cake. If your reception site has an exclusive baker on site, country clubs and hotels sometimes have their own pastry chefs and bakers, you have nothing more to worry about beyond working with them to design your wedding cake. If the reception venue DOES allow an outside baker, ask them if they have any recommendations. Check out your friends if any have recently been married.

When meeting with the baker ask to see pictures of previous cakes they have created. Ask to taste some samples of cakes in flavors you like, to see if the cake is moist and what you are looking for. Have a look around the shop – does it look clean and prosperous? Bring pictures of cake styles you like, a piece of fabric in a colour to enhance the theme of the day. Don’t hesitate to thank them for their time and tell them you will get back to them. You don’t have to make the decision right away. Take some home with you see if you still like it later, away from the pressure of being in the bakery.

Step 4: Make sure the cake gets to the wedding too!

Two weeks before your wedding day check with the baker to confirm delivery details and make a final purchase if due. Can the cake be transported easily? On the big day ask someone in your wedding party to check on the cake, making sure it is at the reception. Ask the photographer to get some picture while it is still perfect. Decide if you want the cake served as dessert, or are you giving pieces to guests to taken home as they leave. If it has to travel a long distance make the sure baker has experience with this and uses a reliable delivery company.

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