Credit Cards used in Shipping Fraud

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I think I may have a man trying to commit credit card fraud on me!

Let me explain… I sell pads, booms and bunded pallets (to contain/cleanup oil spills), and I was contacted yesterday by a man wanting 20 bunded pallets ($945.00 each). I gave him a quote.

He came back to me and told me to contact his freight company and get a quote for the freight costs, then he will pay for the bunds and the freight with his credit card. He does NOT use a company name in his emails. He said he cannot send a proforma (?) as he is at a summit…yeah right. I looked up the freight company and yes it has a website site – but it looks fake.
So I told him I would need a purchase order before I proceed with the order. He ignored that email and send another, insisting I contact the freight company and get a quote. I re-iterated that I will need a printed purchase order. He wants it shipped to South Togo, I looked up shipping scams and South Togo.
Funny…. South Togo is near Ghana… and it just happens that e majority of the shipping scams are being executed out of Ghana. I don’t think I will be processing this order somehow!

Have you ever had anything like this happen. Be aware, they usually try it with tiles.  Now they seem to be expanding into other business types.

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