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Businesses in Australia can now take advantage of offline and online advertising methods to attract local customers.

One of the latest offline advertising methods is a “Bumper Sign“. These innovative signs fit on the bumper of your car and can be easily removed if you don’t want to use it . Just open the boot and take off the sign, quick and versatile. Get in front of your customers while they are in traffic or sitting at a stop sign.

If people are interested in your products they will take a moment to make note of your website address for future use.

The lightweight frames doesn’t scratch your paint job, the construction and signs are environmentally friendly with a bonus of the sign being double sided, so you can change your messages just have it printed on both sides .

The signs can be used by Real Estate agents that may be new to an area or just changed Real Estate offices. Advertise a change/update to bank accounts event, a new home loan rate or announce the latest finance program. This is a great way for loan managers to get in front of their potential customers. Just driving to the shops gets the word out in a way that fliers and business cards can’t.

Starting a new business or have you just gone through a re-branding exercise? Use Bumper Signs to get your brand recognized, this helps build trust and warms up customers.

These signs are available for purchase through Brad Macaulay at BUMPER SIGNS or on 0413 949 297

Po Box 5334
Manly Qld 4179

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