Brand Name or Compatible Inkjet Cartridge – Which one will you choose?


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When you buy a new computer it may come with a free printer. The free printer is almost always an inkjet model. The printer manufacturer gives these to the computer manufacturer for a knock down price as a loss leader. What most people never consider is the cost of replacing the inkjet cartridges in a few months time if the printer is used a lot.

The actual laser printer has now fallen to a price where it is comparable to an inkjet printer, even for home use. Many families have 2 printers, an inkjet, for color work, and a laser as the default printer.

Even if you have to pay for a laser printer its running costs will work out a lot less than the free inkjet. Once people take the cost of ink into account a monotone laser printer is only about a third the annual costs of an inkjet. The best thing you can do is to set up your laser printer and the free inkjet. Make sure the laser machine is set as the default printer. Unplug the inkjet to prevent it being used unnecessarily.

Re-manufactured laser cartridges are worth considering, especially for every day and internal use like as an Internet printer. Laser toner cartridges are highly engineered for precision use. Yet many people just throw them away, rather than sending them away for re-use. Re-use is always less costly to our environment than recycling. Re-use involves replacing worn parts and refilling the cartridge with toner powder. Recycling involves, breaking up the cartridge and melting the various plastics down separately.
What about refilling the inkjet cartridges? Forget it, the quality of the refilled cartridge is just unacceptable. So, what is another alternative?  Purchase the brand name cartridge or a compatible?

Once the printer ink runs dry it has to be replaced with another inkjet cartridge. There are many reputed companies like Canon, Epson, Dell, and Lexmark that provide the cartridges to replace the empty cartridges. Replacing inkjet cartridge can become costly and it is important to deal with a reputable store.

Many people are making use of Compatible Inkjet Cartridges as they are less expensive and are easily available online. These compatible inkjet cartridges are available from the local agents at lower costs than direct from the manufacturers. Make sure you get the correct type to match the brand of your printer. If the printer is still within warranty it is very important to stay with the brand name cartridges, once it is out of warranty no problem using compatibles. A Compatible Inkjet Cartridge will help you to make extra-ordinary savings with money back guarantee. As soon as the cartridge gets empty the ink that it contains begins to dry and finally clogs the nozzle.

With Compatible Inkjet Cartridge you do not need to sacrifice the quality of your printer.  This option not only offers you the ability to maintain quality output but it also keep up quality of your printing for a longer period of time.

Some Compatible Inkjet Cartridges are not only beneficial to your printer but it works in an Eco-friendly manner.

Lexmark Compatible Inkjet Cartridges understand the quality of your printer and gives you best output. It works efficiently with your printer and maintains its quality. This cartridge is especially recommended for you Lexmark printer make sure you get the number of the cartridge required for the printer model. There are number of online outlets that provide you variety of Lexmark Compatible Inkjet models. Purchasing Lexmark Compatible Inkjet Cartridge online can directly save your hundreds of dollars.   They are eco-friendly as they have an envelope in the box so you can easily post the cartridge back to the manfacturer.

Canon inkjet cartridges are known for their reliability, color accuracy, and speed. They maintain printed image quality regardless of how long you use the printer. That means no blurry prints and faded images even after repeated use of canon inkjet cartridges. Canon inkjet cartridges are probably the cheapest inkjet cartridges in the world. Easy to refill and use, they are made with the simplest design and manufacturing processes. Unlike other companies, canon inkjet cartridges do not contain chips, special modules, or printer heads that do not allow a customer to use cartridges from other manufacturers.

It is important to talk to a knowledgable person when replacing your ink jet cartridges, brand name or compatible. Contact Ink Jet and Laser Solutions for assistance and the best prices in Australia for ink jet and laser printer cartridges, brnaed names and compatible cartridges are available.  Located in Tingalpa, QLD., They can ship anywhere in Australia

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