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Kids Parties are fun

The reality is no matter how you want to slice the cake, birthday parties do require work.  Now, this work does not need to be overwhelming, troublesome, or frustrating if you use just a few organization skills.  By using a birthday party checklist, you can save your extra energy for the party where you will need it!

Here are some basic things to keep in mind when planning for the perfect birthday party:

  • Allow a good solid four to five weeks for planning
  • Follow the time line given in the checklist.  This will help you stay on track and ensure you do not forget even the smallest detail.
  • Choose early what types of foods or snacks you intend on serving.  Make a list of all the ingredients you will need and attach it to your checklist.
  • Decide on type of cake and if you are making it or purchasing one.  If making the cake make sure to add the needed ingredients on your party food shopping list.  If ordering, make sure you check with the bakery how soon the order needs to be in to receive the cake on time!
  • If ordering party favors or gifts online, allow ample time for them to arrive prior to party.
  • Have help enlisted early on and back ups in case someone has to back out for any reason.
  • Typical party times are 1 P.M. to 3 P.M. or 2 P.M. to 4 P.M. unless you are really energetic go for the 1 P.M. to 4 P.M.  For toddlers and under, the ideal party time is 10 A.M. to 11:30 A.M.  Granted, there are those occasions where if you are renting a facility or using a sporting event, movie, or some other off site activity for the backdrop of the party you will be bound to times that are available to you.  This can have its advantages and disadvantages but can still be workable.

Next, you will find the handy The Perfect Birthday Party Checklist and a The Perfect Birthday Party Shopping List to help you stay on track and to ensure you do not forget anything.

The Perfect Birthday Party Checklist

3 to 4 wks before Party

__Pick Date & Time

__Make Guest List

__Decide on Budget

__Pick Theme & Décor

__Do Online Ordering

__Choose Menu & Drink

__Make Party Supply List

__Choose Games & Activities

__Buy or Create Party Invitations

__Book any Entertainment Needed

__Reserve Locale if off site

__Decide if making or buying Cake

2 to 3 wks before Party

__Order or buy party favors

__Buy materials needed for games

__Mail invitations

__Purchase balloons

__Call & get HELP for Party Day

__Gather any already owned party supplies

__Begin making homemade Party Décor

__List any other supplies needed.

__Order any rental equipment needed (Dunk Tank, e.t.c.)

__Buy film/tape

__Buy Piñata, candy, & fillers

__Put guest list by phone and check off incoming confirms or denies

1 week before party

__Do all heavy cleaning

__Order cake if not making

__Buy food and drink supplies needed for party

__Don’t forget the birthday candles

__Call non RSVP Guest

__Disposable Cameras for guest?

2 Days before Party

__Check batteries for camera

__Buy extra batteries if needed

__Clean party area, inside or out

__Make room in refrigerator for Party Food and Drinks

__Confirm entertainment, cake, and any other possible arrangements that were made in advance

__Pick out some party music

__Confirm head count

__Prepare party favor bags

__Any last minute shopping needed done?

__Get games and activities together

Day Before Party

__Clean bathrooms

__Decorate Party Room

__Childproof where needed

__Set up games and activities

__Set Out Party Favors

__Prepare any food you can without spoilage

__Wash outdoor tables/ chairs

__Charge camcorder

__Bake and decorate cake if making

__Pick up cake if ordered

__Pick up any last minute items

__If freezer space is available, pick up ice

__Treat yourself, order in or eat out!

Day Of Party

__Set out Cake

__set out table settings and décor

__Last touches to game centers.

__Camera or camcorder out and ready?

__Disposable cameras ready.

__Get food ready!

__Check Bathrooms for supplies

__Put pets up

__Greet guest with smiles!

__Have a ball!

Perfect Birthday Party Shopping List


__ Plates

__ Napkins

__ Plastic ware

__ Cups

__ Tablecloth

__ Decorations


__ Goodie Bags

__ Party Favors

__Goodie Bags and Fillers

__ Party Hats

__ Noisemakers

__ Games

__ Balloons

__ Decorations


__ Food

__ Drinks

__ Ice

__ Cake

__ Snacks


__ Tape

__ Scissors

__ Batteries

__ Battery Charger

__ Camera

__ Film/Memory Cards

__ Video Camera

__ Tapes

__ Markers

__Storage CD Picture Disc


__ Paper

__ Foil

__ Plastic wrap

__ Storage containers

__ Toilet paper

__ Paper towels

__ Garbage bags




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