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I have tried fruit and veg delivered to my door before – with no great success.  The quality was suspect and it seemed there were always masses of potatoes and huge pumpkins – which we don’t eat a lot of.

So when a young backpacker came to my door selling fresh fruit and veg from “Aussie Farmers Direct” I was skeptical. But she was persistent,a very good sales person and a great closer.  So I signed up.

Initially I purchased the Family Pack, which for the three of us was HUGE!  The furit was fresh and not all ripe so that through the week different fruits could be eaten. The vegetables were really fresh – gorgeous, and not too many of any particular thing – 4 x brushed potatoes, 5 x bananas.  This massive box cost $35.00.  In fact it was so big that by the next week we hadn’t eaten even close to everything – so I was surprised when another delivery came.

I gave my neighbors what I couldn’t use and kept the rest.

Then I changed my order to every two weeks, and the couples box for $25.00.  This is working out really well, We also get milk and eggs every Thursday.  I order a pack of pasta that comes then too.  It is a nice pasta, full of “tooth” and not so dry.  Getting the delivery every other week allows us to get through all the different choices of food.

The listing of what is received each week includes a recipe for  one of the more unusual items along with a few paragraphs old a description of the exotic fruits or vegetables that are included that week.

I would heartily recommend “Aussie Farmers Direct” for the busy household that needs fresh items delivered – to make it easier for the family and less expensive on the budget.

This is a great service – it is definitely high quality fruits and vegatables and it does come right to your door.

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