Are You Ready To Homeschool Your Child?


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Have you been thinking about homeschooling your child or children? The idea is getting much more tempting as schools all over the world seem to be getting more dangerous and the level of actual education is questioned.

One of the advantages of home schooling individual attention a child receives, and this can be very important if your child is having trouble focusing in a large classroom because of noise and distractions. But you also need to be realistic and decide if you have the skills to keep them focused at home – and consider this, will you become frustrated if you have trouble in the beginning and how will it affect your relationship with the child?

Another aspect to consider with Homeschooling is the daily routines you need to stick to. If you struggle to keep yourself on a regular daily routine how can you expect to handle it with your children. It will be important to maintain a strict calendar of teaching to make sure you stay up with the children being taught in schools. Also, are you qualified to teach? How did you do in school and can you explain hard to understand concepts? Will you be willing to push your child the same way a school environment would?

And what about sports and playtime? One of the most important aspects of school is the social interaction that occurs in the classroom and on the playground. Team sports are crucial to the development of children and prepares them for going into the working world and being a part of a team.

Another aspect to ponder is time. Do you have to work as well as try to home school your child? If you do have to keep working it may be best to leave them in a place where they can be taught while you are at work and then enjoy just being a family at home after your busy days.


After working a full day and dealing with a demanding boss you will then have to go home, cook dinner and get the house cleaned up – then set your child down and start trying to teach them when you are both tired. And where is the child while you are at work? Are you working just to pay the baby-sitting/child care fees?

If you have the ability to not work and stay home all day it is a good chance that you will be able to teach the child during the day, allow for some play time at the park with other children so they get a social life and you won’t be exhausted every night.

There is plenty of information about homeschooling on the internet, with teaching resources available and forums where parents can chat and get support.

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