6 Ways To Make A Profit From Producing Free Webinars


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If you’re the type of person who is outgoing, lively and likes to share information, you might want to consider producing free webinars as a means to make a living.  This is currently one of the best ways to earn an income online and is a very popular technique for many Web marketers and business owners.  But how do you make money from something you’re giving away at no cost?  Here are ways you can profit from producing webinars for free:

Build buzz for your company or business

Producing free webinars is one of the most effective ways to introduce your business online.  If you’ve tried penetrating this industry before, you’ll know that competition tends to be rather tough.

To get a leg in, you need to be viewed as an authority in your field.  And what better way to begin than by producing a free webinar?  Your prospective market will be very appreciative of your efforts since they don’t have to pay for anything and yet still get something out of your lecture.

Build your reputation

It’s probably difficult to produce a paid webinar if you’re still a relative unknown on the Internet.  However, that shouldn’t stop you from using this technique.  By producing a webinar that people can learn from without paying a cent, you will be able to introduce yourself to the industry.

Your name then achieves a certain level of recognizability.  Next time you need to sell a product or launch a marketing campaign, you will be able to expect better reception.

Turn the webinar into a paid course

This is a strategy used by many marketers to generate profit from producing free webinars.  Record the webinar and then make copies on CDs or DVDs.  You can also save the lecture as a downloadable electronic file or transcribe it into an e-book.

To add value to the webinar, consider adding two or three premium topics into the new product.  That way, people will have enough reason to want to buy it since what they got for free doesn’t include the premium stuff.

Sell products linked to the webinar

Another great way to profit from producing free webinars is to sell products related to the topic.  Many marketers earn good income using this strategy.  This is the reason why savvy marketers are more than willing to offer their Web lectures for free because they know it is a means to promote and sell their products such as books, e-books and other services.  More often than not, the sale from these products more than make up for the expenses incurred in producing the webinar.

Earn from your affiliate link

Even if you will be producing free webinars, it’s still quite possible for you to earn a profit if you are part of an affiliate program.  During the webinar, mention one or two products (three would be the maximum and four would be overselling) that your audience can use as reference or guide later on.

Just make sure these products are related to the topic of your webinar.  If not, the relevance will be lost to your audience.  If they find your webinar useful, they’re more likely to buy.

Sell your next webinar

If you have a really good topic for a webinar, why not produce a free lecture that can serve as an introductory piece for this topic?  Use teaser topics with the free webinar and offer premium topics for your next webinar.  That way, you can use your free webinar as a means to promote your paid lecture.

That’s where you’ll earn your profits.  Just make sure to create a smooth transition from the free lecture to the paid lecture so your audience will find relevance in both.

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