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Aside from the open secret among advertising practitioners about how valuable promotional pens are to marketing (low-cost, highly-effective, high brand recall value), one often-forgotten aspect is its gift-giving value.

A gift’s real value is when the giver is remembered, and for a length of time. For advertisers giving away corporate gifts to clients and friends (would-be clients, actually) this aspect surfaces when your company and your products or services are remembered.

This kind of value had been known ever since people discovered why the pen is one of the most popular promotional gift items in the world.

Pens are actual utility devices used in writing and needed in most places like at home and at work and almost everywhere actually. They are not just useful. They can become prized possessions as well. And those specially crafted pens are like jewelry – beautiful, elegant, and luxurious to the touch.

Thank you gift

After completing some work for a group of clients and they are happy with the results, a great idea is to send them promotional pens. Two birds with one stone: they are happy with your work and they will remember you as well.

Leaving impressions

Giving promotional pens to your existing clients (or potential ones) is jumping on the exact opportunity of reminding them of your or your company’s services and products. It is important to refresh your clients’ memories about you, your company and products.


One of the cardinal rules in giving away promotional pens is to make sure your company’s vital statistics are there – names, phone numbers, and addresses. That is what the pens are there for.


Gifting pens need not be promotional. Pens can be personalized and given away to good friends who mean much to you. Even the message can be personalized too to make the gift more meaningful. Anyone who wants to say thanks to a group of people can have personalized pens do the job.

Since there are many kinds of promotional and personalized pens available in the market, it is good to generally know their kinds. This is to be able to match them with whatever concepts you and your company have for your clients. (You would also know what pens are suitable to personalize and give away to friends and relatives.)

Metal pens
Metal pens are the best give-away options suitable for the distinctive style and look of business or corporate executives and officers. They are usually made of brass finished with either gold or silver. The pens’ barrels have a variety of colors to match business requirements.

Twist pens
As named, these are the pens that are turned or twisted to begin writing. They are usually made of metals with mostly brass used in the barrels. They come in with plenty of color selection to meet the needs of your clients or friends. These are relatively easier to engrave with company logos or names.

Retractable pens
A variation of the twister, this pen are clicked open and shut to reveal or retract the nib for writing. Depending on quality and manufacturer, these can either be made of metal or plastic. They also have many varieties in style and model choices.

Stick pens
Stick pens are made of plastic and have caps. One can have business names engraved or printed on the colorful plastic barrels. Users can also choose barrel colors for uniformity to all these give-away pens.

Plastic pens
Users have a number of options with plastic pens. One can choose the retractable kind, the click or the stick types. Users can also choose the various designs for grips in the name of comfort and ease of use.

Novelty pens
Sometimes called specialty pens, they come in many shapes, designs (tiny animals or figures) and other functions not usually associated with pens. (mini-lights, etc.) These are mostly used as giveaways at marketing or trade show events.

One last note: gifting with promotional pens means your trusted marketing device is doing its job for you, whether you know it or not. The pens will continue doing it as they can be useful for months on end, even years.

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