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The National Achievers Congress       Buy your tickets now!

LIVE in one place at one time, Sir Richard B, Tony R, Lord Alan Sugar, The Wolf Of Wall Street and… here’s the cool part…  Kerwin Rae will be speaking there with them as well.  :)

As you know in September 2010 Kerwin Rae was live, speaking on stage with Sir Richard Branson & Tony Robbins.  It was one of the greatest highlights of his career and the audience and speakers rocked the house in Sydney for 3 days solid.

You have the opportunity to have your life transformed forever by being exposed to some of the sharpest business & wealth minds on the planet.

Go and check it out now because for a limited time we can offer tickets at a reduced rate however you must act fast and act now as this event will sell out.

*Insider tip: At the last one in Sydney, Sir Richard actually announced the bar he was going out to afterwards if anyone had any ideas they wanted to pitch him.

Imagine if you were in the audience and you got that opportunity…

Well here is your chance, your opportunity…  So you can take it or let it slip away.

Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you’ve ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it it or let it slip?

This is your moment…  So reach out now and grab it with both hands see how it feels and I will see you there. Get your Tickets Here!

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