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What are the core values for your business?

I was watching a webinar about becoming more successful in business and the speaker was asking the audience to define core values for themselves and their business, and I started thinking – what are my core values for my business – for cOZport and the businesses I work with.

What is a core value?

But first I wanted to find out what is a value?  A value is a philosophy, principle, or central enduring set of rules by which a person conducts their lives or business.

Most people have 3 or 4 CORE values – those rules that are unwavering – no matter how tested.

There are many examples of core values:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Customer, Family, Community Orientation
  • Team-work
  • Communication – Speak the Truth
  • Entrepreneurship – Seek the Truth
  • Consistency
  • and on….  there are many many words that can be used to define how you want to operate in the world.

Business Success Core Values Series

This series will cover various aspects of creating a successful business, offline or online.  The reason I want to start reaching out to businesses this way is that I have noticed a trend within my community and in other parts of the Western world. This trend I am seeing is that people no longer trust everything they hear on TV and Radio, read online or are told by their friends.

The average person is no longer average when it comes to obtaining information for themselves. They are hungry for as much genuine data they can get their hands on and may need to read more than one review, article or ad on a product they want to purchase or obtain information about.

But what does this have to do with CORE Values?

These same potential customers are also looking for ways they can trust you – the business owner. Building this trust will be paramount to being able to survive in business for years to come – as once these customers find someone they can trust – they will tend to stay with them, continue to buy from them and possibly purchase products recommended by the business/web site. The customer now becomes the client (more on that in Business Success 2).

So the one Core Value I want to start with is INTEGRITY.


The reason I chose INTEGRITY as the first CORE VALUE is that it is the “possession of firm principles” or as defined in Wikipedia:

“Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes.”

So, how does this apply to life and/or business?

Applying Integrity to Business

By applying the ideals and consistently taking actions based on a core set of values a business owner can achieve integrity in their business.  But what does integrity look like?

Within a bricks and mortar or online business, making sure that the methods used within your business do not impact on man or nature is one way to demonstrate integrity.

Measuring the outcomes of those actions and methods to determine the results of your efforts will ensure that you are making appropriate strategic decisions and if you are not, it will be necessary to amend and improve those actions or processes over time.

Forming those actions and methods into a set of principles by which you will conduct your business life, interact with your family, friends and customers, will allow you to exceed the expectations of yourself, your family and community to achieve positive, growth orientated outcomes.

So, how can you apply INTEGRITY to your life and business?   What are your 3 or 4 Core Values?

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