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How does COZport assist with Online Business Advertising?

Businesses that have survived the GFC all agree that it is necessary to be smarter with their marketing budgets and make use of the most effective SEO tactics possible.The chart (from MarketingSherpa. com) below reveals exactly which methods companies are using to achieve this goal.

Highly effective SEO tactics

What this chart reveals is that the effort it takes to undertake some of the methods employed in online marketing are worth it – if time consuming.  And you have to understand what Keyword Research means, how to employ on-page optimization, and what off-page search engine marketing can do for you.

It also tells business owners that if they aren’t playing in the same “sandbox”, the business has less chance of surviving.

The great news for cOZPort Premiere Advertisers is that much of this is already done for you!

We handle the Keyword/phrase research, the on and off page SEO is done by virtue of the way our site operates. We can assist you in scaling up your web site by using the actual searches generated with our content and your ads, your new customers are telling you what they need from you – you just have to deliver!

Don’t know what Meta Data and all the other online speak means?  NO problem – we take care of this for you also!

There are three specific ways cOZport assists online advertisers the way no other advertising medium can:

1)      It costs less – creating some information and talking about your company costs nothing, but can draw thousands to a business.  We will help you create information “articles” about your products and services – and the bits of information stay on the internet FOREVER!  We will work with you to determine what the “sweet” spots are for your ideal customer and tailor the information to attract more of these buyers to your shops or business.

2)      Better targeting – Techniques like cold-calling, mass mail and email marketing campaigns are poorly targeted. Marketing has shifted to “Invitational” forms of advertising – which means people want to ask you to come “into” their homes via the internet and will research products, brands, pricing before they buy – you NEED to be in front of them to get that sale.

3)      It can generate more leads than traditional marketing.  If people are looking online it is because they are in the mood to buy and will contact businesses right away, as they have been pre-sold. These customers are easier to sell to and want to find a convenient place to purchase what ever it is they have been researching. Make it easier to find you.

Right now 92% of people go online and research before purchasing anything.  More than ever people want information before they buy.

Conversely, the financial environment has made it necessary for businesses to reach a wider audience – bring new customers through the doors looking for:

Your Products

Your Services

The internet is replacing traditional forms of advertising, with 31% of consumers using search engines as a primary resource for local business information.  Combine this with Internet Yellow Pages and Local Search sites and the number rises to 61%.

Advertising on cOZport

Advertising on cOZport, (a local search site with articles and business tips), is an investment in the future – the information local business owners post about their businesses will be there for people to find in the future. It is an opportunity to expand and be ready when the global economy turns around.

Some business owners think it is enough to have just a basic free listing on the internet – via Yellow Pages or other directories – what we have discovered through interviews with the buying public is that your customers want to be able to read about your business, they want genuine information – not just the address and phone number.  If you don”t have enough information to warm up that lead they WILL go look elsewhere – for some site that DOES have enough facts to convert a “looker” into a “buyer”.

A description of what we are proposing to do for YOUR BUSINESS

The idea is to use the articles to convey any information, facts, features and benefits of your products or services, but in a way that builds trust with the potential customer – for some reason people believe what they read on their computers more than other medium.  You can also do the same with video demonstrations.

Using articles posted on cOZport (linked to the specific business class for your products & services) to capitalize on the media campaigns you are already doing or that may be done by larger brand advertisements – when people hear about something on the TV or radio, they will remember it and go searching for it, whatever “it” is.

With specific keywords in the articles it ensures the buying audience will find what they are searching for and increase product awareness. These techniques reinforce media advertising – once people hear about something they will retain it until needed, then go search the internet when ready to buy.

The articles also help to inform and bring the customer one step closer to the shops – it helps to increase your profile. cOZport can be used as an advertising platform for your business – new businesses in particular will benefit from getting found on the first or second page of Google.

With this you will have the ability to share with YOUR BUSINESS website the articles and links we create – which helps bring the web page up the search engine rankings for the specialty products or services you sell  (this is important for being found).

The Detail ad page will have your designated contact phone number and the Lead Generation box (included in the Premiere ad spots) which links back to your email, the ad will also have a link back to your website page – the Premiere ad comes with some perks – a “mini-billboard” is on display in the header area on the right hand side. This is a sweet spot for the “bots & spiders” that crawl a site and relay information back to the search engines – it is important to “feed” these guys often. They love this part of a web site and your presence here will assist people searching to find you.

So, where is the best place to advertise your business onlinecOZport of course!

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